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Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

Online 7 Week Program: Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

For Ages 11 - 19


Week 1: Discovering Your Inner Voice

Theme: Overcoming Fear and Sharing Your Story



In this first week, we will start by addressing our fears around speaking or singing in front of others and create a safe and supportive space for self-expression. We will discuss the power of vulnerability and the importance of sharing our unique stories. Through group discussions and activities, participants will begin to explore their personal experiences and how they can use their voice to connect with others.


Week 2: The Music in You

Theme: Exploring Songs and Styles



During the second week, we will delve into the world of music and its impact on our emotions and self-expression. Participants will be encouraged to share songs that they love and discuss what they admire about their favorite artists' voices. Through interactive exercises, we will experiment with different musical genres and vocal styles, helping participants broaden their musical horizons.


Week 3: Sharing the Spotlight

Theme: Singing for Each Other



Week three is all about coming together as a supportive community. Participants will have the opportunity to perform for the group, sharing a song that they feel reflects their authentic voice. We will focus on active listening and providing constructive feedback to help each individual grow.


Week 4: Finding Your Song

Theme: Exploring Your Favorite Tracks



Now that participants have shared their own songs, we will zoom in on the magic moments within their favorite tracks. We will analyze and discuss what makes these songs resonate with us emotionally and how we can incorporate similar techniques into our own singing. Participants will have the opportunity to dissect lyrics, experiment with different vocal techniques, and discover the power of storytelling through song.


Week 5: Embracing Vocal Colors

Theme: Breaking Free from Judgment



In week five, we will embrace the full range of our voices, exploring the different colors and tones that we can produce. Participants will practice vocal exercises aimed at expanding their vocal range and flexibility. We will also focus on overcoming self-judgment and embracing the uniqueness of each individual's voice. This week will be filled with playful activities designed to foster self-acceptance and confidence in our vocal abilities.


Week 6: Mastering Techniques

Theme: Building an Audition Book



In week 6, we will shift our focus to refining our vocal techniques and preparing for future opportunities. Participants will learn the fundamentals of breath control, vocal projection, and stage presence. We will also delve into the process of building an audition book, selecting songs that showcase our authentic voice and abilities. By the end of this week, participants will have a personalized audition book ready for future performances or auditions.


Week 7: Let's Celebrate

Theme: Reflect on your journey



In week 7 we will wrap up the program on a positive note, giving participants the tools, confidence, and inspiration to continue their personal growth and authentic self-expression long after the program has concluded. It's a week of reflection, celebration, and looking forward to a bright future filled with newfound confidence and authenticity.




Throughout the six-week online class, participants will have the benefit of two Zoom calls per week where they can interact with their peers and the instructor.



Additionally, they will have the option to send short clips or videos for feedback throughout the week. Personalized support, including one-on-one sessions, will be available to address specific questions and challenges.


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